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sábado, 23 de junio de 2012

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martes, 19 de junio de 2012

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"Living in the city?" was asked. "No, here on business," was his reply. "Just one beer?" was asked. "This is perhaps a little fun time," was his reply. "The first time?" He was asked, knowingly. Was "Is it really show?" He answered me, a little confused on his stool-mate grabbed on this mood so quickly. "Not really, I just seem to have a sense about these things," was the response of young people. After he said that the younger people, in passing, but rather matter-of-fact, put his hand on his knees, took his semi-erect penis and squeezed it gently before you start shopping. He sat there, eyes straight ahead into the mirror behind the bar, watching the young stranger stroked his now fully erect, dick through his pants suit, the overhanging lip of the bar with a small "reporting". "Feel good?" Young man asked as he continued stroking his cock. "Yes," came the terse, but the truth, the answer. Do more, the young man took his hand, he left the bar above, and placed it on his own pace, on his own erection in his pants before resuming the stroking him. It would not be in a position to have to explain when you would have asked, but the feeling that overtook him when he was the young guy's tail in his hand, felt good, it was a kind of magic. They were quiet, the two of them at the bar without saying a word, while their drinks, as they played with each others cocks, then in public. No one had really seen or remember, of course, but it would not matter to them. They enjoyed the feeling of the hand of another man in their respective valves. With a huge it. Videos Porno

lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

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"I live a block away," said the young man, "if you want to take a walk with me ...", so that the rest of it unsaid. He got up, put money on the counter, and followed the young man who went with him to a little old, renovated house, none of them speaks. Upon entering, he took in the fact that the house was clean, clean, tidy and dimly lit. "Cozy" was the term he use to describe it would be. "Will you share a joint?" The young man asked. "Sure," he replied, knowing full well that the "smoke" to send in this field, it would be cool. They did ... they shared a common, it is between them, as they sat on the couch, the hand of the young people continued to stroke him through his pants. When she finished the Doobie, the young man was pulled off his clothes, and knelt between her legs, the young man's eye with her. Unbuckling his belt and zip down his pants, the young man reached into his pants, making his erection for free and immediately sucked into the mouth. The young man shot him, it seemed like hours, deepthroats it and licked the underside of his shaft with her tongue and sucked greedily at him and licked his nut-sack, ready to slide into her mouth. And he did, because like an eternity, it seemed like one gallons sperm that the young man eagerly slurped and swallowed. When the last drop of cum had been swallowed, the young man was standing, and climbing on the couch, pushed her head until it rested on the sofa back. Videos Porno

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He walks around the bar several times now, the courage, Park, and go inside. He knew he was a "meeting place" for gays and lesbians. He had known about the full five years, he came to town for business ... He knew, thought, did nothing about it. Until this evening ... Until this evening, the few times he had with other guys always in the context of the two team with his wife, now, or with other women he had dated. This time, rarely, but not quite touching led to a degree, Guy-Guy, fondling and, on one or two occasions, he is sucked by another guy. The more he had, himself, stroking the cock of another man in the clutches of a trio, and again, he licked the cock of another man, as he kissed his wife. I did not know that he do not want, he just does not have. It was not until tonight that is. It was on a mission that night to give a mission to urgent requests he heard in his head a mission to fully explore his curiosity. He knew he had no problem with a guy suck his cock. Been there, done that dass But tonight, tonight was for him, or whether he would pick a guy, so he can be his desire to be pampered suck cock. There, that's to do with it what he wanted. Finally muster the courage, he parked, took a deep breath and went to the dimly lit bar, and took a chair, order a beer from the bartender. Slowly sipping his beer, which he held in the neighborhood, took a few couples on the dance floor, women caught in slow tight hugs, on the other unscrupulous hands. He took in male couples do much the same to massage their hands to each other forks as they moved slowly on the dark floor. By focusing on his comrades at the top of the chair by the back-bar mirror, he noticed a handsome young man, a few chairs over him. Their eyes met in the mirror, a small smile creeps across the face of the other guys. Silently, the boy took up his glass and moved to the chair beside her. "Quiet Night," he said on arrival, after he sat next to him. "Seems to be," he said back at the younger man. Sex Shop

jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

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miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

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martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

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domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

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